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Pecorino Romano, PDO

$ 8.00 /8 oz
Cut size
Pehk-or-ee-noe Roe-mahn-oe

Description: Pecorino Romano is requested throughout Italy and is the veritable backbone of southern Italian cuisine. It is one of the oldest Italian cheeses and is still made following the original recipe. Back in the ancient Rome it was a staple of the legionaries. Made in the region of Lazio and on the island of Sardinia from sheep that graze on pastures with specific combinations of grasses that add particular flavors to their milk. Our Pecorino Romano is aged for 8 months to attain its pleasantly extra sharp, distinct and salty flavor. A terrific grating cheese it can enhance any pasta dish with its tangy and salty taste.


Protected Designation of Origin



Cabernet Sauvignon, Chianti, Merlot, and Zinfandel

Can enhance any pasta dish. Traditionally used to give heavily flavored sauces, such as “alla carbonara”, the last kick. Also add it to olive oil for dipping or use it to stuff tomatoes or olives.

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