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Provolone Piccante

$ 7.00 /8 oz
Cut size
Pro-vo-loan-ay Pik-ahn-tay

Provolone originated in Basilicata in southern Italy, but today it is made in every region and found in nearly every Italian home. Our Provolone Piccante is straw-colored with a firm, stringy texture. It is a superior quality Provolone carefully cured for 12 months to obtain its "Piccante" (extra sharp) denomination. It is a harder cheese, easy to grate and melts best when shredded. Provolone Piccante is sharp and spicy with a strong pungent aroma and lingering taste and flavor.

Stretched Curd

Protected Designation of Origin



A classic Chianti

Provolone Piccante is an all purpose cheese and is at its best when savored alongside slices of fresh pear, olives, raw vegetables or salami. It is often added to gnocci, omelettes, small tarts, and potatoes. Pizza, bruschetta and sandwiches all benefit from a melted smothering of Provolone.

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