$8.50 / 8 oz
Comte Charles Arnaud
Comte, PDO----SKU_015460-001_c.jpg
$9.99 / 8 oz
Delice de Bourgogne
$11.00 / 8 oz
$11.00 / 8 oz
Farmstead Camembert
$10.99 /each
Fol Epi
$6.49 / 8 oz
Fromager D'Affinois Plain
$8.00 / 8 oz
Goat Cheese/Chèvre
$3.99 /each
Roquefort, AOC
$14.50 / 8 oz
Saint Agur
$7.49 / 8 oz
Saint André
$7.49 / 8 oz
Tome D'Aquitaine au Sauternes
$19.00 / 8 oz

Buy the finest gourmet French Cheese from various regions all over France. The French cheeses that we offer are artisan made and cut fresh to order. When you order from the online Affinage Cheese shop, you will be getting the best handmade French cheese delivered right to your door without the hassle of going out and hoping to find it at your local market. Our flavorful assortment of rich French cheeses ranges from Beaufort, Comté, St. Albray, and Etorki to fan-favorite Brie and many more. If you’re looking for a nutty fromage that is made from cow’s milk, our soft and creamy Farmstead Camembert or our hard & smooth Fol Epi will do more than satisfy your expectations. For a super creamy cheese that you can easily spread on toast or crackers, we suggest going for our washed rind Chaumes or our triple crème & buttery soft-ripened St. André. The cheese lovers who enjoy a bold, intensely flavored cheese will be excited about our spicy & robust Roquefort or our unique Saint Agur cheese; a double cream cheese with a rich, smooth & buttery flavor balancing its true Blue character. Our PDO French cheeses are imported fresh and showcase the full spectrum of natural farmhouse flavors.


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