Sheep’s Milk Cheese

Pecorino Romano, PDO
$8.00 / 8 oz
Pecorino Pepato, PDO
$6.49 / 8 oz
Manchego, PDO
$9.99 / 8 oz
$12.49 / 8 oz
Roquefort, AOC
$14.50 / 8 oz
$11.00 / 8 oz

Sheep's milk cheeses are robust cheeses that feature earthy qualities, flavors and aromas. Creamy and deeply flavored, Sheep's milk cheeses make great wine pairings and are an excellent cheese to use in gourmet sandwiches and salads. We offer a huge selection of sheep's milk cheeses, like Etorki, which is produced in the Basque region. Made with the finest quality sheep´s milk, these cheeses represent some of the most famous sheep's milk cheeses in the world. Cheeses from sheep are not always easy to find at grocery stores, so ordering these soft, fresh and delicate cheeses is the way to go.


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